Release Notes - 18th May 2022

Call Me Back Screen Alignment Change

POS will display the CALL ME BACK screen with proper alignment when the merchant having the header name with 3 lines.

Disable All Password

Disable All Password with Yes/No Option is available in the TERMINAL & TRANSACTION section under DEVICE MANAGEMENT. Users can choose this vice versa.

V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 1
V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 1.1

If the Disable All Password Option is Disabled in Portal, POS will prompt the password for the below menus

V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 1.2

If the Disable All Password Option is Enabled in Portal, POS will not prompt the password for the below menus.

By pressing the # key from the Home Screen.

  1. Settlement
  2. Reprint
  3. Reports
  4. Utility
  5. Host Utility
  6. Remote Diagnostics
  7. Void
  8. Auth
  9. Ticket
  10. Deactivate (Gift Card)

By pressing * image from the Home Screen.

  1. Settlement
  2. Reports

EPI Processor Info Not Found Error

When we have the Master and Pin Pad setup, If the EPI ID having TRUE CASH DISCOUNT / TRUE SURCHARGE profile with Amount Confirmation Before Card Prompt option is Disabled and Pin pad Amount Confirmation option is Disabled, Master POS will prompt the Amount confirmation before sending the transaction request to Switch.

Version Mismatch on Pinpad

Master will update the downloaded application properly in the pin pad when we have the Master and Pin Pad setup. For Example, if Master and Pin pad having v1.2.62, Master will download the upgrade version v1.2.68 and it will properly update this application in Pin Pad.

Transaction Not Supported Message in POS

POS will redirect to Present card screen with card and cash option, after POS prompt the Transaction not supported message. This message will display in POS, when the EPI ID having True cash Discount / True Surcharge profile with ENABLE MANUAL FOR DEBIT option is Disabled in portal and the transaction processed in manual mode with Debit PAN number.

Generate Tip Report Prior Batching

POS will print the TIP REPORT while doing settlement and before batch close when the batch having TIP count.

Enhancement of API

We have provided the solution on API for subscribers who subscribing for VALOR API.

Below of the item has been delivered in this release such as,

1.Merchant View API

  1. ISO Report API
  2. ISO Billing Report API
  3. EPI Inactive and Active status
  4. Get EPI Details
  5. Fetch EPI belongs to the merchant
  6. Add Last Transaction date of the EPI
  7. Profile Deactivated

This will help to integrate with their platform

Device Management Export Report Changes

In Device Management Export, Wherever the date is involved, the filter view is getting Grouped with the Drill down the format of,

  1. Year
  2. Month
  3. Date

This will help to the user to filter appropriately.

V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 2

Add BIN Number in Device Management and ISO Billing

Added BIN Number Column to the Device Management and ISO Report Export.

This column will be using to get Bin Numbers for the EPIs

V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 3

Report - Tax Report for DP Migration

1) Tax report Module contains Tax’s (State Tax, City Tax, Reduce Tax) details for particular Transactions.

2) We are classified by ISO. Under the ISO may have n-number of merchants, under that merchant may have n-number of EPI.

  • Yellow color – ISO Name
  • Green color – Merchant Name
  • Blue color – EPI Transaction details
V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 4

We can filter out based on Months and Year using the below interface,

V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 4.1

Audit Logs – Merchant Management

This Audit log changes will help to the ISOs or Merchants to see the EPI Movement from One Store to another.

This will break the confusion of who did the movement and all. Along with that, we have captured additional information on this Audit Logs

V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 5

Processing Transaction From Transaction Archive Table

As Valor Growing day to day, getting more transactions to our Gateway. At this point, we have decided to keep the last 90 transactions on a table and beyond 90 days data will be moving to the Archiving Table.

So, the searching time is drastically reduced. If the user wants to go back to the history, they can select the Last 90 Days Behind option.

V1.2.68 18 May 2022 Release Image 6