Enjoy an enhanced card-present customer experience with frictionless payments.

Valor Connect

Instant Cloud integration is just a click away

Instant Integration

Instant Integration

With 1-click, partners & merchants can instantly integrate any supported POS solution with any Valor device.

Remote Setup

Remote Setup

Combining our Cloud detection software with Instant integration enables remote setup, eliminating expensive onsite labor costs.
VT to Card Present

Virtual Terminal to Card Present

Valor Connect enables Virtual Terminal transactions (CNP) to reroute to Valor terminals for card-present transactions.

Menu Inventory Sync

Menu & Inventory Sync

By syncing ISV inventory with Valor’s unified commerce Cloud platform, all connected devices update inventory in real-time during transactions.

Cloud Based Technology

The benefits of Cloud-based technology

Remote key injection

Remote key injection (RKI)

Cloud detection technology

Once Valor Connect has been enabled for a device in the Valor Portal, our Cloud detection technology will easily locate and display the enabled devices to select for integration.

Signle Click

Set up at
a single click.


Easily portable & can accept payments on the go.


Supports wireless &
wired connections.

Compatible webbased

Compatible with webbased & stand alone apps.

Remote diagnostics

Run diagnostics on hardware and software from anywhere.

Remote hardware diagnostics

Remote software diagnostics

Remote Diagnostic

How remote diagnostics optimizes business operations

Eliminate unnecessary

Eliminate unnecessary terminal replacements in the field by troubleshooting remotely.

Saves you time

Saves you time and money.

Support Staff

Support staff can see potential problems in real-time and resolve them immediately.

Allows Support Staff

Allows support staff to be far more efficient.

End-to-end lifecycle product support

Countertop POS Banner

Countertop POS

A compact design packed with powerful performance for countertops, typically in a retail or restaurant setting.

Wireless POS Banner

Wireless POS

No physical connection is required for these on-the-go terminals. Perfect for taking mobile payments, line busting, or events.

Android POS Banner

Android POS

Intuitive and familiar, our Android POS devices offer an advanced and versatile platform for managing transactions.


ValorPay application allows merchants to get real-time transaction data performed in their stores, maintain and update customer information, complete manual key-in credit card transactions, and more.


Download the ValorPay app from the App Store today.

Payments on-the-go with ValorPay

Process Transactions via Virtual Terminal

Process transactions via
Virtual Terminal

Scan Card to Collect

Scan card to collect card details

Capture Signatures


See Transactions in

See transactions in real-time

Email and SMS Invoicing

Email and SMS

In app Batch Notification

In-app batch

Available in English

Available in English
and Spanish

Available on Both Android and iOS

Available on both Android and iOS

Valors QR Code Payment Process

QR code payments

QR code payment is a contactless payment method allowing customers to pay directly from their mobile devices.

Get paid instantly using the PayNow link

Accepting payments from customers is now just a tap away.

Valors PayNow Link Process

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Field Services



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