The Innovative

Experience the future of payments with VP100, the innovative countertop solution featuring a user-friendly display and cutting-edge features.


Touchscreen Display

Large scale 3.5” touchscreen display

Dual MID Supported

Dual MID supported technology

Cash Discounting Dual Pricing Surcharging

Cash Discounting, Dual Pricing, Surcharging

Ethernet and Wi Fi

Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity

Auto Connection Failback

Auto-Connection failback procedure

Digital Signature Capture

Digital signature capture with SMS & email receipt options

Automatic software updates

Automatic software updates

EBT enabled

EBT enabled

SMS Email Marketing

email marketing with
Engage My Customer™

Full Transaction info

Full transaction information display

Bill Splitting

Bill splitting

Feedback Rating System

Built-in customer feedback rating system

Power up your workflow

If your business is looking for the perfect payment solution to help increase sales, we can help you!