The Portable
Android POS

The VP500 taps into all the advantages Android has to offer, bringing familiar smartphone-like capabilities that enhance the customer experience and empower merchants to modernize and grow their businesses.


Touchscreen Display

5.5" touchscreen display

Cash Discounting Dual Pricing Surcharging

Cash Discounting, Dual Pricing, Surcharging

Ethernet and Wi Fi

4G LTE, 3G, GPRS & wireless connectivity

Auto Connection Failback

Auto-Connection failback procedure

Dual MID Supported

Dual MID supported technology

Automatic software updates

Automatic software updates

Menu inventory Management

Menu & inventory management

Business app Market place

Business app marketplace

Digital Signature Capture

Digital signature capture with SMS & email receipt options

Bill Splitting

bill splitting &
tip adjustment

EMV Contactless Payments

EMV contact & contactless

Dual MID cash discounting and Interchange

Dual MID cash discounting and Interchange+

Power up your workflow

If your business is looking for the perfect payment solution to help increase sales, we can help you!