Valor Portal

Fastest Boarding and Deployment in The Industry

Your wait ends here with our specialized solutions for introducing and adopting new technologies. Our dedicated team will ensure to advise you on the right option for your payment/transaction requirement that suits your business.

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Access from Anywhere in The World

Zero anxiety! With your mobile device, merchants can monitor and review payments and transactions as they happen, anywhere, at their convenience.


Digital and Paper Receipt Advertisement

Customers have the option to receive their receipt as an SMS text receipt, email receipt, or paper receipt. For the merchant, this reduces paper costs significantly, with the additional ability to cross-sell by featuring advertisements.

Customer Receipt and Signature Storage

Smartly store a digital copy of all sales receipts with your customers’ signatures in your Valor Merchant portal. This helps fighting chargebacks and reduces paper costs.

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Power up your workflow

Have your plans, processes and procedures in place at all times. With Valor devices at your command, you can safeguard your profit, consistently.